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    We have had a business relationship with Performa Lubricants over the past three years. Over this period we have marketed and sold their products into our dealer network. The range has been well accepted and the quality has proved itself.

    Our relationship with this company has gone beyond the simple supplier/distributor basis to one where Performa Lubricants has played a valuable and supportive role in our marketing endeavours.

    We would recommend this company and its products without hesitation.

    Dave Whitfield, Vice President
    Nissan Marketing Services

    - Nissan South Africa
  • Performa Lubricants Europe recently completed a demonstration of the new DFS 910 Machine at the Rivers Agency. This was performed on a Ford Transit, which was down in power and very sluggish. Once the flush was carried out, there was a remarkable increase in vehicle performance and a substantial improvement in torque.

    The vehicle is now running perfectly and, as a result, the Rivers Agency has invested in the DFS 910 Machine, which is used on a regular basis.
    - Gilbert Spence, Plant Superintendent, Rivers Agency Northern Ireland, DARD
  • Performa Lubricants Europe carried out a complete carbon flush demonstration with its new DFS 910 Machine at our Crawley depot. After the service was carried out on this vehicle, a Euro 5 Mercedes Sprinter, we noticed smoother running, improvement in performance and reduced emissions under load. This has also resulted in a notable improvement in fuel economy post-treatment.

    Thanks to the DFS 910's ease of operation, we see this as an opportunity to offer our customers a beneficial additional package to help reduce both downtime and costs. We see the DFS 910 Machine as a worthy investment and, as a result, Rossetts plan to roll this service out to all of its depots.
    - Perry Reeves, Dealer Principal, Rossetts Commercials
  • We at K.D. (Garage) Services Ltd., Wexford have been using the DFS 910 EGR and DPF Flush Machine for a number of months on a variety of vehicle brands from cars to trucks. One car in particular (Toyota) had been back to its main dealer on three separate occasions as a result of a lack of power and the engine going into limp mode. Our customer was quoted €1200 for a new DPF filter, which he was very unhappy about.

    We decided to run this car on our new DFS 910 Machine, which is a short service of just 1 - 1.5 hours. The DFS 910 Machine has the capability to clean the complete intake, exhaust and injection system without removing any parts from the vehicle. One hour and 15 minutes later we had the vehicle back to its original power, performance and reliability with no active DPF or EGR faults. On the follow-up call to our Toyota customer eight weeks later, the customer reported that the car is running exceptionally well. The cost of using this machine is only a percentage of the main dealer's quotation.
    - Eugene Breslin, Workshop Manager, K.D. (Garage) Services Ltd., Scania and Mitsubishi Dealership, Wexford
  • Performa Lubricants Europe carried out three demonstrations of its new DFS 910 machine at Gatwick Airport Ltd. These demonstrations were carried out on vehicles which had carbon build up and injection problems, photographs of the induction components and EGR valve were taken before the test and compared after the demonstration. Carbon deposits were greatly reduced especially from the EGR valve and induction pipework.

    Carbon build up is a problem frequently experienced on our airport vehicles, so the machine will be used as part of the planned maintenance regime. I expect regular use of the machine to reduce reactive work and save on labour as there will be much less need to strip down engines for cleaning in future, this in turn should reduce costs and downtime. - Steven Melhuish, Transport Engineering Manager, Gatwick Airport Ltd